American Cyborg
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 Peridot Green

Our seasonal art salon


About Peridot Green

We hosted our first curated art salon in Spring 2015, inspired by Gertrude Stein. The process of borrowing, buying, arranging, and writing about artwork over the years has inspired us to build our own custom archiving software. In Spring 2019, after a dozen salons, we decided to restart the archive using our new toolkit.

 Salon I: Symbolic Symbiotic

Summer 2019


 SALON I: Symbolic Symbiotic

On August 27th 2019, we will complete the painting of a new mural at Peridot Green. American Cyborg’s most commonly used symbols will be represented as a mural, and turned into a Wingdings-style font. Elizabeth A. Watkins and Laura B. Greig will be creating the artwork, with Justin P. Cooper composing the catalog.


 Salon 0: The Hex

Spring 2019


Salon 0: the Hex

On March 26th, 2019, Bryan M. Wilson and Midge Wattles reset our space. They took down all the old artwork and cleaned up the black paint on the walls. Instead of patching and erasing the history of hanging hardware, they added a gem to the head of each nail and screw, proportional to its size. It left us a constellation of four years of hanging history.

In the garden, Bryan performed a ritualistic planting of the seeds of value:

FLAMINGO - gold, south right corner

CONDOR - silver, south left corner

OWL - bronze, north left corner

FINCH - lapis lazuli, north right corner

STARLING - peridot, under the center tree

Value is identified, then the bird was asked to visualize that value as a form in their mind.

Form is imagined and then I, CARDINAL, would flip a Morgan silver dollar, letting that value form give life by Lady Fate.

The bird was then asked to remember if the coin flip read heads/tails.

Once Lady Fate gave her judgement on the value form, the form is released into the world.

In five coin flips, they all came up heads.