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 Peridot Green

seasonal art salon


About Peridot Green

We hosted our first curated art salon in Spring 2015, inspired by Gertrude Stein. The process of borrowing, buying, arranging, and writing about artwork over the years has inspired us to build our own custom archiving software. In Spring 2019, after a dozen salons, we decided to restart the archive using our new toolkit.

 Salon I: Symbolic Symbiotic

Fall 2019


Laura B. Greig, Justin P. Cooper, Elizabeth A. Watkins, Thomas Giles, Lauren Hlubny

For the first salon, we are taking stock of all the symbols in our lexicon. We are reminding ourselves what our favorite colors, shapes, sounds, and smells are. We are writing a new dictionary.

Please click here to read more about PG I: Symbolic Symbiotic.