American Cyborg

Custom Solutions for Art COllectors

American Cyborg, LLC was founded on May 24th, 2017, with a mission of helping people organize their art collections.

While trying to organize our own art collections, we encountered one challenge after another:

  • It’s hard to photograph artwork

  • It’s hard to make data legible to both machines and people

  • Each artwork has an entirely different set of data surrounding it

  • Tracking art in physical space is different than tracking it digitally

  • Shared information about an artwork needs to be displayed differently than private information

So, we started a company that thinks about art and data management holistically. We work with artists and art collectors, and host salons and residencies. We gather many types of data, and are constantly developing new solutions for organization and analysis.

We want to design a custom solution for your medium-sized art collection needs. We offer a suite of services, with experts prepared for any number of projects.


Rookery - Art Archives

Rookery is an on-site art cataloging service. We visit your location, photograph your artwork, and gather all the information you have about each piece.

We will deliver a detailed, comprehensive binder of your art collection for you, and a small indexical handbook for visitors.


Excelsior! - art Analysis

Excelsior! is an artistic analysis service. We will confer with you on goals and particular interests.

We will deliver an academic analysis of your art collection. We’ll perform a literature survey, image analysis, and write a reference guide.


Peridot Green - Art Hosting

Peridot Green is an art hosting service. We will confer with you on guests, menu, and decor.

We will deliver a handbook for your art event: images of the work, artist statements, contextual inquiry, floor plan, local vendors, complementary recipes.


Big Cypress - Art Residencies

Big Cypress is an artist residency service. We will confer with you on artists, location, supplies, and documentation.

We will deliver a handbook for your residents, and a binder for their documentation.