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Archiving Software


 ABOUT Rookery

Launching 2020

Rookery is our flagship product: software designed to improve the complex, laborious process of archiving an art collection, and maintaining it over time. It is named for bird rookeries, which are collections of nests, where the burdens and joys of treasuring precious objects is shared by the group.

We are partnering with NYC firm AREA 17 to develop Rookery. We are rolling out the software throughout 2020, growing and learning in modest increments, as to ensure the best possible security, reliability, and functionality at each step. In parallel, we will streamline our suite of companion services.

We are currently seeking art institutions willing to sponsor artists as our early adopters. If you are interested in being part of our development program, please click here.

 Video directed by Kristin Lucas, animated by Rad Mora, scored by Celia S. Kim, narrated by Chauntel Gerdes.

How the Software Works


Create a folder for each artwork in your collection and its contextual documents. 


Generate an index of all your artwork. View and arrange subsets and clusters of related works.


Perform color analysis to find unexpected connections between artworks.


Create sharable documents about artwork in PDF or HTML.

How the Service Works


We interview you about your collection, and those who interact with it the most.


We photograph your artwork and input those images into our software.


We assist with archiving your collection.


We organize completed archives in formats that suit your needs.

 Robin T. Murphy

A sample user and collection


About Robin

Our sample user lives in New York and owns 100 artworks (20 can be seen below). She hired us for 5 days of intake, and a month of analysis. We identified and photographed all the artwork, and scanned all the accompanying documentation. We interviewed Robin about the collection, and voice recorded all the stories she had of her favorite pieces. We created a floor plan and 3D model of her house.