American Cyborg
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American Cyborg

An Artist Collective & Art Archiving Company

founded in New York City
January 1st 2015

incorporated in New York State
May 24th 2017



We use the name Cyborg to emphasize our strategy of building database management tools for both humans and machines at the same time. Our team comes from a diverse set of disciplines, but we’re all artists and art lovers. We take a holistic approach to building our software — actively curating and creating art together so we can truly understand our community’s needs. Click here for more about our team.



About our Software 

Rookery is software (launching 2020) designed to make art archiving joyful and embodied. Click here for more about Rookery.

Video directed by Kristin Lucas, animated by Rad Mora, scored by Celia S. Kim, narrated by Chauntel Gerdes.


 About our Journal

Excelsior! is our monthly journal, analyzing cyborg-adjacent themes. Our writers are Justin P. Cooper, Elizabeth A. Watkins, and Laura B. Greig. Click here for more about Excelsior!

 About our Salon

Peridot Green is our seasonal salon. We curate the art, write a catalog, and host an event. Click here for more about Peridot Green.


 About our Residency

Big Cypress is our traveling artist residency. We are working our way towards visiting each state in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Our artists are Ben K. Voss, Midge Wattles, Christina Van Der Merwe, and Emily Nora O’Neil. Click here for more about Big Cypress.

Made in NYC

American Cyborg was founded an incorporated in New York. We are engaged in our community — we support local artists, businesses, and government. We host regular events. We recognize and appreciate the unique opportunities our location provides us in terms of diversity and talent. As we grow, we look forward to working with programs like the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Council on the Arts.