American Cyborg
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American Cyborg

An Artist Collective & Art Archiving Company

founded in New York City
January 1st 2015

incorporated in New York State
May 24th 2017



We use the name Cyborg to emphasize our strategy of building database management tools for both humans and machines at the same time. Our team comes from a diverse set of disciplines, but we’re all artists and art lovers. We actively curate and create art together so we can truly understand our community’s needs. Click here for more about our team.

About our Sectors

We take a holistic approach to creating an art-driven workplace. We’ve established a community and a shared, expanding aesthetic; we practice many modes of expression and documentation.


Archiving Software


Printed Materials

Peridot Green

Seasonal Salon

Big Cypress

Traveling Residency

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A New York Company

American Cyborg was founded and incorporated in New York. Community engagement, stewardship of the arts, and ecological sustainability are at the heart of our business. We invest in local artists. Our events showcase NYC's diversity and talent and our platforms foster community. We believe in health and well-being in the workplace. We are committed to playing a part in transforming our city to meet the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability goals of generating zero waste and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Join us by following GreeNYC’s small steps for making an impact.