American Cyborg is an art organization company. Our goal is to create and archive art, while connecting artists and collectors, in a technologically and socially progressive environment. We have four sectors, focused on different parts of our practice.

About Rookery: Archiving Software & Service

Rookery is software, for desktop and mobile, that helps art lovers organize their collection in a playful, tangible, and social way.

About Excelsior!: art essays, books & Games

Excelsior! is a publication, with small and large projects, where our team explores ideas of the cyborg — where machine, human, animals, and plants meet.

About Peridot Green: Art Curation & Sales

Peridot Green is a set of properties, where we work, live, host events, and sell art.

About Big Cypress: Art Adventure club

Big Cypress is an embodied practice, where we spend time together in nature, and create artful documentation.