American Cyborg



American Cyborg

Est. New York, 2015


Bridging Analog & Digital

American Cyborg bridges the gap between physical and online art spaces. We combine the joyful experience of being in a great museum with the comprehensive practicality of a great database.

We have a team of experts and a suite of services for documenting, organizing, and curating art. We have a community of artists that shape our aesthetic and goals.


Archiving Art Collections

Artwork is difficult to photograph. Even if it’s a flat plane, it’s very easy to get skewed lines, inaccurate color, and reflections on the glass. Ambient lighting and busy surroundings are hard to work around.

Our team of four can document up to forty pieces per day of work. This includes high fidelity photographs, scans of relevant documentation, metadata, and voice memos.


Analyzing Art Databases

Artwork is difficult to organize. Some pieces have a single image and a line of basic information. Some pieces require multiple images and a page of description. Every gallery and artist provides a different amount of information in a different way. Every archiving service stores data in its own way, making it hard to transport.

Our software works to retain some of joy of viewing art in person, while providing practical solutions to common needs of collectors. We provide a number of different viewing modes tailored to different devices.


Utilizing Expertise

Artwork is enriched by the data that surrounds it, and it’s easy for information to get lost in the mix. Many art archiving services ignore artists and art theorists as users, so digital collections feel homogenized and lifeless. Artists are great at pushing the boundaries of new technological media.

Our experts work like gardeners, prioritizing needs and fostering growth. We will help art collections become more beautiful and meaningful over time.


Sustaining a Community

Artists have long been expected to work for free, and the dominance of ad-funding in the digital landscape has not helped. Our company is working towards a more sustainable financial model for artists by demonstrating the compounding value of art in the home.

Our community provides a platform and social network for the artists we know and like, who help shape our aesthetic and goals. We run a Gift Shop to sell stickers and patches made to commemorate our variety of projects, as well as original art from our salons.



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