American Cyborg

We are an artist collective headquartered in New York City, exploring the relationship of humans to machines and animals. Our name and core philosophy comes from Donna Haraway's A Cyborg Manifesto. Our flag represents the three rivers of Pittsburgh – where our founders met, and the circuit diagram symbol for the transistor – the building block of electronics. The colors are pastels of Red Ochre and Ultramarine Blue, representing the spectrum of earthly to ethereal pigments.

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Peridot Green

Each season we host an art salon, inspired by Gertrude Stein. We choose a theme, select pieces from our community of artists, and write a catalog to incorporate our ideas with the work. We share food, drink, and conversation in a warm and personal space.

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In our semi-weekly blog, we take turns examining themes relevant to cyborg living. We employ fiction, non-fiction, code, music; varying strategies.

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Our Minecraft world, Cyborgia, adopts the principles of Christopher Alexander; The Timeless Way of Building and A Pattern Language. We're not creating pretty facades, we're collaborating with the mechanics of the game and environment to develop spaces that improve gameplay.

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All summer we take roadtrips around the country; Seaglass is our vagabond quartet. We're assembling a database of photos, novels, folk music, and statewise experiences.

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AC Reader

A collection of our favorite and most influential essays.

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Our Google+ community is a repository for links and images relevant to our studies.

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Our Flickr page is an archive of photographs from Peridot Green events and retreats.

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We use Facebook to organize events and keep track of friends.

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We use Instagram to share snapshots of trips to studios, galleries, museums — all our artistic endeavors.

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We use Twitter to write short collaborative poems.

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