Our Team


Laura B. Greig, CEO

Laura co-founded American Cyborg. She has a BA in Philosophy and an MFA in Art Practice. Her art is sculptural, mechanical, Modernist; she builds robots and machines that paint and draw and observe the world around them.

Within the company, she is the navigator. She decides what we’re working on, and who we’re working with. She finds artists to contribute to our aesthetic, and shapes the human-machine interactions on our platforms.


Ashley M. Koenen, COO

Ashley transformed American Cyborg from an artist collective to a company. She has a JD and worked for several years in bankruptcy law. She has experience with New York City and State rules and regulations.

Within the company, she is the operator. She manages our legal and financial status and documentation, and keeps track of all our team members.


Justin P. Cooper

Justin co-founded American Cyborg. He is a writer of fiction and poetry, based primarily on his extensive travels.

Within the company, he is the author. He writes art catalogs, journal posts, and cocktail recipes. He makes sure everyone is having fun.


Elizabeth A. Watkins

Elizabeth joined American Cyborg at the very beginning. She is a PhD candidate in Communications, and researches the way teams use technology.

Within the company, she is the scientist. She performs research, experiments, and interviews. She makes sure our team is using the best tools, and that we are hearing our community’s needs.

Celia S. Kim

Celia joined American Cyborg in search of a job working with plants and animals. She is an electronic music composer and performer, focused on sublime and experimental sounds.

Within the company, she is the administrator. She takes meeting minutes, restocks office supplies, and generates reports. She tends to all our plants and animals, team included.


Kristin Lucas

Kristin joined American Cyborg to offer her 3D, VR and AR skills. She is an acclaimed artist and professor whose recent work is aimed at restoring flamingo habitats.

Within the company, she is Rookery’s technical director. She created our software plan, and is currently implementing it.

Ben K. Voss, Christina Van Der Merwe,

Midge Wattles, Emily Nora O’neil

Ben, Christina, Midge, and Emily joined American Cyborg as our primary artists. They foster a collaborative and experimental practice across many media.

Within the company, they create artwork for us as needed.