Robin Murphy is our sample customer. She recently moved from New York to Puerto Rico. Her new house is sunny and white — a big change from her small, dark apartment. She contacted us to document the artwork that made the move, and help her find new local artists and galleries. She engaged our entire suite of services, and we totaled 20 days of labor over three months.

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Robin contacted us at and arranged an appointment. We visited her New York apartment just before she moved, interviewed her about the collection, took Polaroids of all the artwork, and scanned all the documentation she had.


While Robin made the move to Puerto Rico, we generated her archive. We identified each work of art, and used the Polaroids as placeholder images. We performed preliminary research and analysis.

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Robin put up a fresh coat of white paint in her new home, set up her furniture, and left all the art packed. She sent us some photos, and we made arrangements to fly in, rent a car, and stay at a nearby hotel.


We created a detailed floorplan and 3D model of her house, and talked to Robin about how she occupied the space.


We measured the length, width, and depth of every art piece, so they could be rendered faithfully in 3D.


We selected the right hanging hardware for the wall and frame.


We hung the art, cleaned the glass and frames, and made sure everything was level.


We set up our custom rig, designed to minimize glare and color distortion, and photographed all the artwork.


We packed everything up and returned to New York. We processed all the photos, indexed and identified all the artwork. We generated all the analysis and recommendations Robin had requested. A month later, we sent her a binder and iPad populated with our final results.