Pocket Monsters

Summer 2015


Below the beds of clover and creepers sewing themselves in the ground of Peridot Green, there is a network of tunnels and burrows. That’s where our bunnies live. They are our welcomed interlopers between the visible and invisible worlds.

Perhaps the most ancient of our bunnies, the Jade Rabbit, was an explorer. She journeyed to the Moon on a ship with solar sails, encountering many perils on the way. Once she finally made it, she so loved the quiet solitude that she stayed there to read and think. It’s she that names all the Moon’s craters for her favorite philosophers and astronomers. Looking at those craters from Earth we can see her silhouette, as she makes mochi for her ice cream.

Finn the Bunn was our great warrior. As soon as he could hop, he out-jumped all the other bunnies in Peridot Green. It was Finn that jumpstarted the Jade Rabbit’s ship after the first peril on its historic journey. He died a tragic hero’s death at the teeth of a fox, who severed the great jumper’s left hind paw, flaunting it cruelly as a keychain.

The Stanford Bunny is our virtual mascot, our good luck charm. He is the first bunny to have been 3D scanned and 3D printed. We print and carry iterations of him in many colors and sizes to represent different bunnies from our history.

This summer at Peridot Green, we celebrate the magical tokens that have helped our artists on their journeys. We look outside painting and sculpture to jewelry and music and technology. We look to our bunnies – their curiosity and sense of adventure, their sweetness and good nature. We’re exploring the invisible world.

Midge Wattles

Midge Wattles

Here we have a piece from the Period of Great Wandering. Long before the modern Epochs, before the settling of Peridot Green, small groups of bunnies lived in burrows fashioned in the wild. Constantly driven from one place to the next by predators and great droves of the hareless, they became a tough breed. The Period of Great Wandering began with a mass exodus from the grasslands led by Langear Greyd. Lost over the endless rainy grass dunes the wattles of weary bunnies looked worn, but Langear persisted. Using a midge of moonstone she navigated the overcast grey skies until they finally arrived at the lush landscape now known as Peridot Green. Artists at this time worked continually on the move and their art was frequently lost to the perils of itinerancy, or the avarice of ravenous Galries that would prey on the herd in search of a new warren.

This rare piece captures this period in all of its ambulation.    

Bryan McGovern Wilson

Bryan McGovern Wilson

When the construction of the massive Wilson Temple commenced, artists and architects from every corner of the land were called to help with the conception. Tunnels were dug in many designs, but the sheer magnitude of the project left the ground weak, and many collapses occurred. Here we have one of the few remaining artistic pieces which inspired the tunnel patterns of the central structure as it still exists today. Bunnies, dark with the earth, toiled day and night to complete the Wilson Temple in time for the coronation of the Jade Rabbit upon her return to the planet. With much pomp and celebration the Temple was the center and sun of all the bunny world. Unfortunately, the gaiety was short lived. Unaware of the Jade Rabbit’s commitments to the immortals and her inevitable return to the Moon, the bunnies were once again left without a leader. The War of the Clovers began, and all eyes turned to a great warrior: Finn the Bunn.

Marguerite Kalhor

Marguerite Kalhor

The Red-Eyed Sea Serpent of Kalhor is a tale known by all bunnies. The tale’s hero, Newnibbles the Navigator, is the subject of many songs and poems. During the exploration of the Moon, Newnibbles came upon the Red-Eyed Sea Serpent at Mare Cognitum – the ‘sea that has become known.’ It is best summed up in this stanza from the song, Newnibbles New Isle:

When Newnibbles drifted for twenty-three days
He came to a place where the sea was ablaze
A great serpents birthday had it dancing with glee
And burning many bunnies alive on the sea

The red eyes were rolling
The scales were beastly
The bunnies were baking
The sound was crispy

Then Newnibbles hopped on the blistering waves
And thumped that great serpent right back to its cave
And all of the bunnies had cake and they smiled

They hopped to Newnibbles new isle new isle


One of the major events of the third Bunny Epoch was the Feline siege of Peridot Green. For thirty days and nights bunnies were trapped beneath the surface by hordes of evil-eyed cats. Forays into sunlight were consistently thwarted by the felonious felines. Below, the hisses and screeches of battle were heard as bloodied bunnies made their way back into the warrens defeated. Morale was at a particular low when an unlikely hero wrote her name into the history books. Roundhump Robo, devised a plan in which she constructed a multitude of McKay-style robotic mice. At noon on the thirtieth day of the siege she dug behind enemy lines and released them at the rear of the heaviest feline phalanx. The chaos which the tiny robots created allowed the bunnies their opportunity to amass above ground en force. In a great charge led by Talltail the Taunter, the bunnies drove the feline horde out of Peridot Green forever. In this work we have an homage to both heros of the siege, Roundhump Robo and Talltail the Taunter.


Beyond the legend of the Jade Rabbit and the immortals teaching her the elixir of life on the Moon, we have much literature of her adventures stretching throughout the ages. This piece is a reference to a poem by Sweettooth Tail:

As I went by the docks on an evening so fair
It was marred by farewells to the Jade Rabbit there
Her moonship, the Arrow, was solid in time
And being prepared for its heavenly climb
She waved to us all, we cried our goodbyes
Then upward she disappeared into the skies
But before she was gone a thought gave me a chill
That for a moment I saw that the ship had stood still
That it never had left from the moment before
In that instant previous to the rockets roar
That motion is what has robbed us of love
As now there nothing but naught up above
And I thought to myself, I refuse to believe
In this horrid creation that’s caused us to grieve
In any one durationless instant of when
The Arrow was here and there but then
I will only believe in instances hence
And forever be rid of this ticking nonsense
For then the Jade Rabbit would remain with us still
And our love would endure, a second fulfill  


Here we have an artists rendering of Admiral Soggyfoot’s famous warship, the Golden Cross. During the Orbital Incursions the fight for high ground found its way to space. Satellites were a frequent target, and colossal gun ships were built to patrol and engage on the high seas of the planet’s outer atmosphere. The Golden Cross was the largest warship of the age, with twelve gargantuan dark matter cannons. It was purportedly plated in gold as a blinding tactic, becoming a reflector of the sun; however, many believed it was purely Admiral Soggyfoot’s vanity that led to the extravagant feature. For years the ship vigilantly watched over traffic amongst the satellites until it was atmospherically sunk and incinerated by the equally famous warship, the Carrojump Hill. Eventually the League of Bunnies realized the error of such a costly conflict and called for a ceasefire. All defense funding was then redirected to carrots and led to the Age of Plenty, which of course led to the Age of Obesity.


Petal Powdertail was widely known as the most beautiful bunny in all of Peridot Green. Her long soft ears were a shining golden yellow that flowed into an ever whiter and softer fur. It was said her tail was so round and fluffy that if you blew on it it would sail away in bits like a Dandelion. She was the envy of all the land. Male and female suitors came from even the remotest places to offer her all that they had in order to win her favor. However, Petal was very intelligent and wasn’t interested in suitors. She wanted what the Jade Rabbit possessed – immortality. In an ill-conceived attempt to reach the moon, Petal fashioned one of the very first space capsules. On a dark evening, hooded, and in the cover of night, she snuck away and boarded her ship loaded with as many carrots as it could carry. Much to the chagrin of her adoring public, that night she left the planet forever. What happened after that is a mystery as she never reached the moon. Legend has it that she got lost along the way, but every four years she appears in the sky as the great Lenora Comet, her dandelion tail streaming behind her as she sails the heavens, still seeking immortality.