Tuesday Dinner

We must defy the template!

She says sliding in temperance 

Candle lit and lonely horns in speakers

We must in candle light

Must in martinis

I must anyway

Hector shaking his fuzz

Everything is there 

And we just won’t cluster them

Cause we were both his employment

And battle review

Haven’t reviewed the template

And how do we do that?

Well, go to back and design

Find the usual thing and some options

Play the template and stay the same

Pull from the square the control

And pick the right one

Pick our introduction

And defy the template!

Flicker the flames on table tops

Before rebellious books

Before what we do 

Providing ways to engage us

On knitted defenses

Can’t we shorten the banners

While brains storm the walls

With trebuchets

As a layperson, can I just expound

You can destroy a lot of work

If you just fuck around