☍ Peridot Green

A quarterly salon hosted by American Cyborg

Summer 2017, Q10

Perido-Tricuto: On the Road

August 2nd in Pittsburgh
August 5th in Chicago
August 12th in Aspen
August 24th in LA

Find us fly fishing in cool mountain streams, yodeling by campfires, and knitting in the passenger seat.

Sara Bright, Chelsea Ross, Leah Ball, Marissa Muller, Michael Ano

Spring 2017, Q09

Perido-Tricuto: Packing the Suitcase

April 16th - July 4th

We're threading a single theme through this year, across the country. Trying to stitch things back together; tired of fighting. We've got our hands in the yarn bowls of the tricoteuse and suffragettes.

Carrie Schneider, Bryan McGovern Wilson, Christina Van Der Merwe, Ben K. Voss, C.J. Hill, Traci Page, Beatrice Bring, Skyler Schrempp

Winter 2016, Q08:


December 10th - January 17th

It felt like we all needed some time off from art-making this season, so we did a salon-style hanging of the permanent collection. We're looking back to the music of Shostakovich, and the poetry of Ginsberg, for inspiration on what to do next. We're howling.

Fall 2016, Q07:

Haunted Objects

October 1st - November 6th

Every object has an electric history. We're handling things, exploring their surface to reveal their depth.

Joe Moore, Jace Becker, Midge Wattles and C.J. Hill

Summer 2016, Q06:

Strand of Pearls

July 27rd - August 21st

The narrative counterpart to the Walled Garden is the Strand of Pearls. We're threading our stories in an endless loop, wearing them on our necks to retain their luster.

Traci Page, Robert Frank Rohr, Christina Van Der Merwe, Bryan McGovern Wilson, Foster Wattles, Chelsea Ross

Spring 2016, Q05:

Walled Garden

April 23rd - June 12th

As the ground begins to thaw, the plants seek regrowth. We're getting our hands dirty, digging down, unearthing the secrets to tending our real and virtual gardens.

Traci Page, Robert Frank Rohr, Christina Van Der Merwe, Bryan McGovern Wilson, Foster Wattles, Chelsea Ross

Winter 2015, Q04:


December 13th - January 24th

This is us, looking at you, looking at everyone. We're asking how we look at animals, machines and humans; and how animals, machines and humans look at each other.

Midge Wattles, Bryan McGovern Wilson, Ben K. Voss, Renee Delores Kelly, Christina Van Der Merwe, Beatrice Bring, Robert Frank Rohr, Ryanne Thompson

Fall 2015, Q03:

A Gathering of Clouds

September 27th - October 25th

We love finding shapes in the clouds, looking out airplane windows, trying to predict the weather. We love the way clouds have assumed new meaning in the digital age. We asked our artists to show us their skies.

Brian Addison, Beatrice Bring, Louis Capwell, Nathan Catlin, Laura Greig & Justin Cooper, Christina Van Der Merwe, Midge Wattles

Summer 2015, Q02:

Pocket Monsters

June 28th - August 9th

Personal technology writhes its tentacles deeper and deeper in our seas. It offers helpful updates about our friends, our heartbeats. It tailors its tabloids to our darkest search engine queries. We ask the artists of our second salon to turn out their pockets, and consider the history of magical amulets.

Christina Van Der Merwe, Ben K. Voss, Midge Wattles, Bryan McGovern Wilson, Marguerite Kalhor, Joe McKay, C.J. Hill

Spring 2015, Q01:

Symbolic Symbiotic

March 22nd - May 3rd

Since human and artificial intelligence is so often judged through language alone, we begin Peridot Green by expanding the field. We ask the artists of our first salon to demonstrate how symbols can effectively transfer information.

Bryan McGovern Wilson, Dana Sherwood, Ben K. Voss, Amanda Dandeneau, Colin Oulighan, Tamara Johnson, Nathan Catlin

About Us

We aim to open direct dialogue between artists and art collectors in an intimate setting. For each salon we select a theme, curate a show, and write a catalog. Artists and collectors are invited to a Sunday dinner to exhibit, discuss, and exchange. The shows center on apartment-sized work in the $200 - $2000 range. We ask artists to price their own work and be willing to discuss prices openly. We ask collectors to be more interested in the concept of the work than its monetary value. We have a 20% suggested donation from sales, artist's choice, with no future bias either way.

Email: info@americancyb.org
Phone: 42-42-CYBORG