Big Cypress

Sports Club


Bluebird is the secretary, managing all event logistics. Her sports are co-driving, camping, horseback riding, fly fishing, paddling, swimming, waterpolo; media are photography, painting, writing, singing.


Albatross' sports are driving, ice hockey, snowboarding, pool, ping pong, paddling, camping, fly fishing; media are writing, singing.


Finch's sports are co-driving, curling, running; media are writing, drawing.


Owls are the ground team in New York. Their sports are running, swimming, yoga, bicycling; their media are comprehensive.


Puffins are the ground team in Newfoundland. Their sports are driving and paddling; media are photography and needlework.


Penguins are in charge of event selection. Their sports are driving, paddling, swimming, waterpolo, skiing & snowboarding; media are song and field recordings.