☋ Our Artists ♡

Laura Greig

New Media, New York

Mechanical arm
performing human action
shiba watches on

Justin Cooper (Albatross)

Fiction, New York

Flying over seas
wandering star crossed skylines
takes pause at the nest

Elizabeth Watkins (Finch)

Journalism, New York

Digital papers
buttoned up to the collar
better hoagie down

Beatrice Bring

Photography, New York

Meetings with strangers
international venues
timeless dreaminess

Christina Van Der Merwe

Jewelry, New York

Moon phases cut out
over fingers, wrists and necks
birds carry gemstones

Ben K. Voss

New Media, New York

Radiant slugs in
a spaceman's front left pocket
turtles in the right

Midge Wattles

Photography, New York

Quiet observer
of quiet scenes, film camera
makes the only sounds

Bryan McGovern Wilson

Installation, New York

Kaleidoscope phone
in ceremonial robe
snakes coiling candles

Brian Addison

Photography, California

Walking city streets
ignoring pedestrians
in the native way

Louis Capwell

Photography, Indiana

Far from the main road
finds American landscapes
in modes of transit

Nathan Catlin

Woodcut, New York

Into dark forests
carves visual parables
of strange animals

Amanda Dandeneau

Photography, New York

Observer of her
mother's femininity
in all its glory

C.J. Hill

Illustration, New York

Snapshots in pencil
captures without cameras
subjective object

Lenora Jayne

Design, New York

Queen of Wands, waving
magic spells by candlelight
telling our fortunes

Tamara Johnson

Sculpture, New York

Suburban garden
mass-produced objects become
part of the family

Marguerite Kalhor

New Media, California

Television screens
pixels crashing in waves
layered history

Renee Delores Kelly

Installation, California

In floral landscapes
talks and sings with a bird named
National Anthem

Joe McKay

New Media, New York

Code shared with viewers
cats watching computer mice
bring your own beamer

Colin Oulighan

Illustration, New York

white space and geometry

Robert Frank Rohr

Painting, New York

The secret garden
of a longtime New Yorker
full of dragonflies

Chelsea Ross

Photography, Illinois

Feminist as fuck
builder of cozy spaces
her dog is Genius

Dana Sherwood

Performance, New York

Playful meat wagon
waits alone in the woods for
party animals

Foster Wattles

Dancing, Illinois

Nude in the garden
they frolic without touching
algorithmic grass