American Cyborg

Art, Nature, Machine Collective


Laura B. Greig registered American Cyborg as a website in 2010, and incorporated as a Data Processing LLC in the State of New York on May 24th, 2017. The idea began as a lecture Laura gave at UC Berkeley on the current state of animal-human-machine hybrids, framed around Donna Haraway's Cyborg Manifesto. She writes for Excelsior!, hosts Peridot Green salons, drives and swims for Big Cypress, and serves as Rookery's Chief Information Officer.


Justin P. Cooper made American Cyborg a collective in 2015. He has been reading, writing, and auto-didacting around the globe for a decade. He writes short stories for Excelsior! and fictionalized catalogs for Peridot Green, and drives for Big Cypress.


Elizabeth A. Watkins joined the collective in 2016. She is currently pursuing a PhD from Columbia University, researching the way organizations use online communication and security. She writes for Excelsior! and Peridot Green, drives for Big Cypress, and serves as Rookery's Chief Research Officer.


Ashley M. Koenen joined in 2016, and becomes our first full-time employee in 2018. She is a lawyer who has focused on bankruptcy cases, and serves as Rookery's Chief Organization Officer.


Joseph P. Moore joined in 2017. His art focuses on animal-human-machine interaction, and he serves as Rookery's Chief Technology Officer.


Bryan M. Wilson joined in 2015, curating our first Peridot Green salon. His art focuses on ritual, glass and materiality. In 2017, he began giving us shamanistic consulting on Rookery.


The Owls joined in 2015, and they are a group of artists (Ben K. Voss, Christina Van Der Merwe, Midge Wattles, Alex Baker, Beatrice Bring) who focus on an earthly, witchy practice. Their work includes handmade textiles and cosmetics, home cooking and crafting. They are regular contributors to Peridot Green and Big Cypress.


The Grouses joined in 2015, and they are the family members of Albatross, based largely in Pennsylvania. They are regular contributors to Excelsior! and Peridot Green.


The Penguins joined in 2017, and they are the family members of Bluebird, based largely in Florida. They are regular contributors to Rookery and Big Cypress.


The Puffins joined in 2017, and are our driving advisors (Sharon Walters, Darren Sheppard, Scott Robbins, Andrew Warren) based largely in Newfoundland. They help us with the cars of Big Cypress.